sanel selimovic
ux / ui designer

I am a San Francisco-based product designer. I love working on mobile and lately obsessed with applying artificial intelligence and AR to our lives.

If you want to hire me just send me an email.

SoFi Connect (iOS/Android)

SoFi Connect is SoFi's first foray into the mobile experience. SoFi Connect lets members participate in local events and network with other individuals nearby.
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SoFi Wealth (Android, iOS, Web)

SoFi Wealth (later known as simply SoFi), the first SoFi app to hit the app store. I was the lead designer for the product which meant creating the iOS, Android and Web (responsive) version of the product.
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Symphony Secure Messenger is a secure messaging platform. Among the first clients to fully support end to end encryption with full audit control.
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Garage Sale App

This design is for a garage sale application. It lets buyers discover hidden gems and provides a way for sellers to create new listings.
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Facebook Live Mesh

I created a design for a new service I called Facebook Live Mesh. It lets users in developing world access internet through Facebook.
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SeaChange Ad Dashboard

At SeaChange I created an advertising dashboard providing users with an at-a-glance overview of ad campaigns across different stations. I designed the app user flow, wireframes and visual design.
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RSA Authentication Manager

Authentication Manager is an iPad app created for RSA Security. It lets users provision and manage the RSA SecurID tokens to employees. I created the user flow, determined the feature set, and created a fully interactive prototype.
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Google Glass

I designed an interface for Google Glass that would allow users with disabilities to control assistive devices like wheelchairs.
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